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Forging Is Our Passion

Welcome to your specialist for forgings in Special Alloys – Hammerschmiede Jäckel Essen GmbH.

We forge standardized or individually – in any case always with passion and precision. This is how outstanding forgings in highest quality are made.

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We are an ÖKOPROFIT® Company

Environmental protection is important to us. Therefore, we are taking part in the ÖKOPROFIT® project. Together with the environmental office of the city of Essen and external consultants, we are optimising our processes in order to operate more sustainably. This saves resources and reduces the burden on the environment and the climate. You can find more information about the project here.

Forgings and Machined Parts – Forgings per Standards

We have an extensive delivery programm for flanges, all kind of forgings and machined parts which we comply with worldwide standards or per customer specification.

Forgings per Standards

Forgings per Standards at Hammerschmiede Jäckel Essen GmbH

We are a certified Hammer forge and produce our parts according to differrent specifications. This includes forgings according to DIN/EN and many more products as per ASME, API and other required standards.

Forgings per Customer Specification

Forgings per customer specification at Hammerschmiede Jäckel Essen GmbH

We also produce based on customer drawings and customer specifications. We meet your individual requirements – also to special dimensions or materials.

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Our Promise

Hammerschmiede Jäckel Essen GmbH guarantees products and services of the highest industrial standard. Get an overview of our production process and our quality promise.

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The quality promise from Hammerschmiede Jäckel Essen GmbH