Our Forge

As Hammerschmiede Jäckel Essen GmbH we are a young company with a long tradition. Founded in 2018 but with more than 60 years of experience we establish ourselves on the market. When taking over the business premises we were able to keep many jobs and thus the knowledge of our employees.

Andrea Jäckel, CEO of Hammerschmiede Jäckel Essen GmbH

„When Hammerschmiede Jäckel Essen GmbH was founded, it was important to us that we take up the company's tradition and continue it in the best possible way. At the same time, we have taken a step into the modern age so that the Hammerschmiede will continue to be an excellent and reliable partner for our customers in the future.“ Andrea Jäckel (CEO)

We benefit from the many years of experience of our team in the manufacturing of all types of flanges and many other forged parts. Therefore we can continue to guarantee the excellent quality of our products. Our passion for forged parts drives us to manufacture the best possible products for you, thereby we can gain your trust and be a reliable partner to you.

Our production process

In our hammer forge, we have a production process that guarantees the high quality of our products through the experience of our employees and constant quality assurance monitoring.

Our production process at the Hammerschmiede Jäckel Essen GmbH

„Here at the forge we have a production process that is based on the premise of quality. Every step is accompanied by experts who understand their trade and automatically take the next step. This is how we guarantee the high quality of our products.“ Andrea Jäckel

Our Team

As a young company with many employees who have been working in their profession and with each other for decades, we are particularly proud of our team spirit and the sense of togetherness in the hammer forge. Everyone in our team is important and enthusiastic about their work.

You will experience this attitude yourself when working with our team and your contact person

„Employee satisfaction is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction.“ Andrea Jäckel

HJE at work